Ultima Window Defence Systems

ULTIMA | Window Defence Systems

A patented glass to frame protection system, the Ultima range of products are designed to provide maximum protection to resources and assets from blast and intruder situations. The system utilises the most effective multi laminated security window film and anchors it to the window frame, providing a protective shield against flying glass and preventing entry through the glass pane itself.

The system has a unique mechanical fixing arrangement designed for easy installation and effective use over the whole length of the frame. The complete system can be colour coded to the existing frame for a positive aesthetic look and is a very cost effective way to upgrade glazing to a high level of security.

Ultima can be installed to existing window  structures or combined into the original manufacturing specification. This gives versatility for either initial design stage or to allow for significant upgrades to areas of vulnerability. These systems are highly effective in areas where there are concerns for blast such as Manufacturing Facilities, Oil Refineries, Gas Storage Units,  Military Establishments, Banks, Corporate HQ’s, Housing Associations, Retail Outlets etc.
  • A highly robust and unique mechanical frame system designed to clamp a multi laminated high specification security film to a window frame. This system creates a defensive shield designed to hold glass in situ after blast or vandalism damage. By keeping glass in place the integrity of the building remains intact.

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  • A system of Polycarbonate 'bars' manufactured into a frame system and fixed to a window frame. The Polycarbonate system acts as a physical barrier without the negative aesthetic effect of steel bars. The system can be installed as a stand alone one or in conjunction with No Bar to form a highly effective impenetrable barrier.

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  • This is a mechanical restraining device designed to catch the complete window frame should it be compromised in a blast scenario. The Cable Bar format can be used in conjunction with No Bar or used to upgrade a previously installed ‘Daylight’ application of security film.

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